me on a street in new york

I paint pictures with words, with code, with vectors. (And occasionally, I'll pick up an actual brush too!) In awe of what beauty the world creates for us, I can't help but to ask, "What possibly could I create for you?" To ponder what answer she - the world - might give, I look to her skies: how beautiful, how clear; I look to her plains: how inviting, how open; I look to her seas: how vast, how connected. "Whatever it is," I say to myself, "It must follow the foundation you've already laid."

Once upon a time, I was on a pretty traditional path - going to school to find a job to wanna go back to school for. These days, I'm learning to let life experience take precedent. As one would have it, I am a world-educated, self-encouraged developer, designer, and writer. The skills I put forth are the culmination of personal inclination, introductory college courses, and my time as a software engineer for various small-to-mid-size startups. Each asset is, in its own way, an effort toward the same end.

An upbringing in Southern Louisiana and a background in Black history and literature have positioned me to advocate for, communicate with, and uplift marginalized or otherwise underrepresented communities. I intend to use my capabilities in the interest of all people, and especially those who are in struggle. I aspire to foster joy, to promote inclusion, and to expand my perspective of the world by talking with and to it through various mediums.