Web Development

Below are some examples of websites I have either created or contributed to, including this one!

Chloé A. Matthews - Professional Website

I figured since I have products to show off now, I should have somewhere to put them! Well, here we are. This site is a React app. It's built with Typescript on a Gatsby framework. Key features include a photo carousel and gallery with clickable thumbnails, a PDF viewer created with react-pdf, and (in progress) a contact form that sends responses directly to my email.

kidd AM - Official Artist Website

In 2023, I have been building a professional website for independent music artist, kidd AM. This multi-page site is a React app built with Typescript, Express, and Next.js. It connects to a MySQL database. It integraes Stripe Checkout and Auth0 User Login. Key features include a video player with next-previous controls, an audio player, an up-to-date events list, a photo carousel, a functional marketplace and cart, and exclusive admin permissions.

Community Impact at Columbia University

From 2018 until 2019, I led the process of implementing Community Impact's currently used Content Management System. While the CMS provides it's own constraints for cohesiveness and ease of use, I made decisions regarding page layout and content.

Want to check out some other projects I've worked on? Visit my GitHub!